I have dedicated many years into the things I put on here so my family can be healthy and so my oldest son can enjoy food again that he is not allergic to so I appreciate all genuine comments.

Living healthy is a lifestyle and not just the latest temporary diet craze. There are so many chemicals and poisons in the food we eat and the household products we use everyday. It’s time to learn how to avoid those things by making your own chemical free cleaning alternatives. You can also enjoy healthy recipes made with real whole food, health information, learn how to make your own natural remedies for a healthy body, even do-it-yourself ways to make lotions, and make up, and much more.

This is just a quick note until I have more time to go into some depth on here.

My oldest son is allergic eggs, garlic, onion, coconut, and cherries. This has made me re-invent recipes so he can enjoy foods like tacos, spaghetti, bar-be-que sauce and even faux garlic bread, all without using anything he is allergic to. It has taken some trial and error, but I’ve made hundreds of recipes. Almost all of my recipes are made entirely from scratch, very seldom do I use pre-packaged, processed, or already prepared ingredients to cook.

We eat real food, meaning no low fat or artificially sweetened foods and also no GMO foods. People have been confused by all the reports about eating low fat to stay healthy. What they don’t realize is the fats that are so badly talked about now, are actually good for the body like butter versus margarine (with all the hydrogenated oils in it). The health crisis that plague us today were virtually unheard of before the introduction of all these genetically engineered foods and low fat foods came about. I will get more into this in my posts at a later time.

My family has been changed by autism so I am now heavily into keeping chemicals out of the home which means I make a lot of my own cleaning supplies.

Thank you for visiting my site. Be sure to check back regularly.

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