Canker Sore Relief

Canker Sore Relief2

My son started to develop a canker sore the other day. These dreadful things feel like a mini fire, so I took action before it got very bad. He put this mixture on the canker sore and let it dissolve. He did this multiple times for a few hours, as soon as the mixture dissolved, he added more. By morning, I could hardly see where it was the  night before.

1 tsp raw unfiltered honey

1/2 tsp orange peel powder

Mix well.

Apply and let dissolve.

Reapply as soon as the previous application is gone.

Canker Sore Relief3

Canker Sore Relief

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  1. Anne says:

    My daughter gets these sores often and I cant ever find relief for her. I never heard of the orange powder peel but I will be ordering some now.

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