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I’ve tried a couple different expensive coffee grinders. Either they were entirely too hard to clean because they had a shoot that the coffee grounds went down and I could never clean it out because it wasn’t detachable, or they were just mediocre in the grinding capability. I didn’t want to spend so much money on something that was just ok. Then I tried this one. It’s cheap, easy to use and most importantly, easy to clean! You can find it here:

Mr. Coffee Coffee Grinder













This grinder features three precision-grind settings from fine to coarse to meet your needs. Once the grinding is done, the grinding chamber can be removed for easy pouring. The spout and the wide lids further facilitate convenient decanting. The Mr. Coffee precision coffee grinder also comes with an exclusive Chamber Maid cleaning system clears grounds from chamber walls so ground coffee is always fresh. This 12-cup coffee grinder is dishwasher-safe for added ease. With easy-to-read LED controls, this coffee bean grinder is easy to use. Its compact countertop design and its stylish looks make it a great addition to your kitchen.

I admit, I am addicted to freshly ground organic fair trade coffee but I also use this grinder to grind herbs like Rosemary, into powder so there aren’t the hard pieces that dried rosemary usually leaves in the food. It comes in handy to turn organic oatmeal into a course powder to add to my soaps and I run the organic orange peel powder I buy through it to make it a fine powder and I even turn the flax seeds into flax meal to use in my baking/cooking.

I did burn up the first grinder because I was a little over zealous in playing with my new toy. You have to remember this is a coffee grinder designed to grind just enough coffee for up to one pot of coffee. I used it for a straight hour grinding everything I could get my hands on, so I think it held up exceptionally well. I bought three more so I have one for coffee, another for herbs and one more for things like seeds and oats.

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