Floor Cleaner (Non Bleaching)

There are a lot of floor cleaning recipes out there and I’ve tried most of them.. probably all of them. They either left my floors dull, streaked, or sticky. I’ve lived in many places and have had several types of floors; from laminate to hardwood, to the cheap peel and stick tiles to what I have and love now, ceramic tiles, so I have tried this floor cleaner on all of those surfaces. This cleaner leaves the floors streak free, shiny and CLEAN! best of all, the alcohol in it makes it dry super fast.

Floor Cleaner (2)

Alcohol is a disinfectant, but reach maximum effectiveness, it needs to set on the object you are cleaning for about 5 minutes or so. Since this dries so fast, the added benefit of tea tree oil, which kills bacteria and fungus, makes this a perfect floor cleaner without all the chemicals of a store bought floor cleaner.

Floor Cleaner




1 cup water

1 cup rubbing alcohol

10 drops tea tree essential oil

10 drops sweet orange or lemon essential oil

5 drops lavender essential oil (optional)

Mix all ingredients together in a spray bottle.

Spray enough on a microfiber cloth on a mop to get evenly damp.

Then spray small areas of the floor as you mop.

Be sure to shake before using.

I got an awesome microfiber mop from Bed Bath and Beyond. The mop head flips over so you have two sides of the mop to use. Mopping this way, you can choose how much of the floor to mop because sometimes a spot clean is all that’s needed but when it’s a bigger job, you have the other side of the mop too. This doesn’t bleach floors either.

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