Freezing Chili

Freezing Chili








There were times when I would hunger for a chili cheeseburger and would break down and buy a can of chili (before I knew my son was allergic to garlic and onions). It wasn’t the best tasting, I mean, it was canned chili after all, but it would somewhat satisfy my craving for chili. Who wants to wait for chili to simmer all day just to put a little on your cheeseburger, right? When you’re also on a budget, you can’t afford to go buy chili cheeseburgers for the family, so canned glop it was.

This was also when I would use the packages of chili mix and throw it in some cooked ground beef and say I made chili from scratch. That was before I understood what all those unpronounceable words on the ingredient lists were. The thought of eating that stuff now, makes me sick to my stomach!

Now, when I make a big pot of chili, I make sure to freeze at least two smaller containers with just enough to add to some cheeseburgers or make chili cheese fries. It’s easy to thaw the containers in some hot water and then heat in a pot while you are grilling the burgers. Cooler weather is coming soon. I can’t wait to make some hearty chili!

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