Genetically Modified Seeds

It’s hard to believe that there are still people who think GMO foods/seeds are safe. Monsanto and other companies, as well as the FDA have done a wonderful job at covering up just how dangerous GMO foods really are. I will go into more detail with articles I have written at a later date, but for now, please read the following and visit the link below for the full article.

“Genetically modified seeds are altered by inserting DNA from outside of the species into a plant seed. Kind of like trying to breed a cat and a dog. Mother Nature doesn’t allow such a thing to happen, but the miracle of modern technology lets scientists cross that barrier.

GM seeds are patented and it’s actually illegal to save and replant some of these seeds.”

For the entire story, visit  Genetic Modification- A Concern For All Of Us

How do you feel about GMO seeds now?

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