Hidden Hand

My son came home from work a few nights ago acting a little odd, which if you know my family, you really wouldn’t think anything of, but this was a bit more peculiar than usual. He seemed to keep his apron around his left hand..even after he went back to his room to grab some clothes to take a shower. The fact that he came back to the kitchen still in his work clothes isn’t unusual either, nor is the fact that he still had his hat and apron in his hand. This boy likes to talk and as soon as he remembers something, he is right back in here telling me a story, but usually his apron and hat have switched hands multiple times, been set on the table, picked up, set back down..

When he noticed me looking at his hand, he stopped in mid sentence to go take a shower. Nope, not gonna work on me. Finally, I got him to show me his hand. A long, thick red burn on the top of his hand. He knew I would try some of my natural remedies on him and he was afraid it was going to hurt. Like it could really hurt worse than it already was.

I talked him into letting me put a poultice of bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar and raw honey on it and then wrapped in in gauze. To his surprise it took the pain away and soothed it. Over the last couple days, I have put that on it or plain raw honey. I will do an update with photos of the healing process within the next day or two. It is healing well with minimal skin peeling and it did not blister. That even surprised me. I think he is a believer in my natural ‘hippie’ remedies now!

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