Keeping Lettuce Crisp

Storing Lettuce2

I love lettuce and spinach. I often grab a few leaves throughout the day just to munch on with nothing added, just the simple crunch of the leaves and I’m in heaven! But they always seemed to wilt too fast, or worse, they go bad and turn slimy. So, I went searching for the best way to make lettuce last and I came across many ways to do so, but most of them didn’t really work. Then I came across a post on a natural forum (they used reusable items that weren’t the best, in my opinion), and that reminded me of how my Grandma used to store lettuce and spinach and it’s really simple.

You can use the following method to store spinach, a wide variety of lettuce and some hardy herbs like parsley.

1. Rinse lettuce (or spinach, herbs, etc.) thoroughly with cold water, or you can throw them in a sink full of cold water and swirl around. If the leaves are limp, let them soak in cold water for about 30 minutes and they will perk up and be crispy.

Storing Lettuce3

 2. Make sure the leaves are free of any dirt or bugs, especially if it is organic. Then loosely place into the salad spinner (make sure not to pack it tight) and spin until no water remains on the leaves.

Storing Lettuce

3. Lay leaves evenly on two paper towels and roll up.

Storing Lettuce4

4. Place in a gallon size zippered plastic bag, press the air out of it and seal. This should keep the lettuce fresh for about two weeks. You can even reuse the plastic bags as long as there is no mold or holes in it.

Storing Lettuce5




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