Lemon Molasses Health Booster Drink

We all know lemon juice helps the immune system because of the high vitamin C content. It also helps keep the body more alkaline which fights off other nasty bugs. But most people don’t know how healthy unsulphured molasses is..

Lemon Molasses Health Booster Drink

Unsulphured molasses is very high in iron, so it is an excellent holistic choice to overcome anemia. It is high in magnesium and calcium so it helps with bone production and energy levels. It also helps our nervous system run smoothly and heart health.

Potassium is another abundant mineral which also helps the nervous system, including the heart, to function properly.

Other minerals that are abundant in unsulphured molasses are copper, zinc, selenium, phosphorous, and the trace mineral, manganese, all are very important in a healthy body. In addition to all those minerals, unsulphured molasses also contains folate and other B vitamins that combine to help in the production and proper use by the body of red blood cells.

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