Life Lessons

I learned a lesson about blogging the hard way. I originally had a blog through another popular blog site. I was building up my posts, visits were starting to rise, and comments were being posted. I was enjoying sharing my creations and all my hard work was paying off. Or so I thought until my stalker changed all of that.

I’ve heard stories of people ‘losing it’ when someone unfriends another person on facebook like that woman who made headlines a while back when she torched her friend’s house down because her now ex friend blocked her. I’ll be honest, I tend to think there is more to stories like that.. until it happened to me. no, my house wasn’t burned down and i haven’t received any severed body parts in the mail, yet, but an ex facebook friend has made herself known a little too well in my life.

You know that saying “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?” I had to remind myself of that quote in the beginning of my ordeal with her. She was another mom like me, who had a child with autism. Her daughter was quite a but younger than my son, so as a ‘seasoned veteran’ of thisĀ disability, I answered questions she had, explained things, listened to her through facebook messages and such (never talked to her), and gave her advice when she asked. I noticed she was doing everything I was. When I got hurt, she got hurt with something very similar. When I posted a new recipe, she posted one just like mine and said she invented it. When she looked back through over 3 years of posts and saw that I had heart problems that I was born with, she came down with several symptoms of heart problems and somehow was even able to get into a cardiologist, have tests done and get the results back all within 2 days. Either she fabricated all of it, or she has a damn good doctor. I know for a fact, it takes weeks, sometimes months, to get into a specialist, especially a cardiologist.

I had enough and decided to block her when she posted a photo of herself sneering because she had bought a hat from an organization that I had just told her I do not support because I don’t like the way they handle things. That was the last straw. I didn’t know her personally. I never gave her much thought unless one of her posts caught my eye or she messaged me. It was no big loss to me, other than losing a psycho. It would be much less stress in my world to ditch someone who was so negative.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, one of our mutual friends blocked her as well. That obviously was enough to send her off the deep end and temporarily make my life a living hell. She tracked me down on just about every social media site there is posting outrageous comments about anything and everything, flagging videos, photos, and posts as offensive which caused several things to be removed or banned by other sites. And that is what made me write this post..

When you blog through other sites, they have the right to delete anything they wish without so much as a warning to you. You have no say-so in the matter. They basically own all your hard work to with what they want. As a person who isn’t even comfortable joining co-ops because I have to depend on others for things, I am definitely not ok with the idea of depending on someone NOT to delete or ban my stuff.

So, I learned a lesson the hard way. Now, I am almost finished designing my own website and I imported this blog through my hosting company so I can do or say or post whatever I want to without fear of having it gone when I wake up the next day! If you want to blog don’t make the same mistake I first did, design your site and import WordPress in through your hosting company.

Now, back to enjoying life stalker free.. hopefully..

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2 Responses to Life Lessons

  1. Mike says:

    WOW people like that get on my nerves. Its like they have nothing else to do with their time.

    • Emm says:

      That’s life though. I kind of feel sorry for people like that because their life is so sad and miserable that they have to do things like that.

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