Multi Purpose Cleaner and Disinfectant

I keep a bottle of this made up all the time. I use it to clean everything from the bathroom sinks and mirrors, to the counters in my kitchen and everything in between. The peroxide (and tea tree oil if you use it) are disinfectants and the orange/lemon oils provide aromatherapy as you clean. Since cleaning is never a fun job, the aromatherapy is something to look forward to while you get that boring job done!

Multi Purpose Cleaner and Disinfectant



1 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide

1 cup water

6 drops lemon or orange essential oil

2 drops tea tree essential oil

Shake before each use.

Store in a dark spray bottle or cover the bottle with a paper sack because light will cause peroxide to break down and lose it’s potency.

You can skip the essential oils if you want or you can add other essential oils. Tea tree oil is also an antibacterial and the orange or lemon oils give it a nice aroma.

Be sure to spot check any area you are afraid of bleaching since hydrogen peroxide is also a bleach alternative. I’ve never had a problem with it bleaching my countertops but I have used it to clean around the toilet where little misses have happened but I let is set on there for a few minutes and had to do it several times to get rid of the stains.


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