My (Messed Up) Bright Idea Of Making A Recipe Video

First Video Rice and Beef Stew

When I was in high school, I enjoyed being in drama class. I liked to get lost in the diverse characters, living someone else’s life for a day, feeling free to not be me. Now, it is a completely different story. I do not want to have an audience. I do not want to be in front of a camera. I don’t even like being in photos. I’m one of those that can sense when a camera is about to focus in for a photo.. and I do a cat skill like dance to hide from it.

So, when the idea of doing recipe videos first crept into my mind a few months ago, I quickly dismissed it because there was no way I would get in front of the camera. It also doesn’t help that I’ve had two, yes TWO stalkers over the last couple years. That itself has made me very cautious. Every photo I take and every video I make, I take extra care to make sure there aren’t any identifying features anywhere in the things I do.

I gave in tonight and made a video for the Rice and Beef Stew. I don’ t think anyone can guess who I actually am by watching a video of food being added and cooked in a pot. Nor do I think my stove or small area of my kitchen that shows will tell where I live. So, I feel safe enough to share video(s) that way. I’m not quite sure if I will make any more after this one. I mean, I haven’t even watched it yet to see if I sound like a hillbilly or just some weirdo. Lord, I hope neither of those are even close to how I sound in a video!

Making the video went fairly.. ok. Yeah, just ok. In my haste to get the ingredients I needed, I forgot a few items. Then, I couldn’t find my recipe and I don’t make this often enough to remember it, so I relied on the small memory of the ingredients and quickly skimming a couple dozen recipes online in an attempt to force my brain to wake up enough to scour through the mental library of recipes floating in my head until I figured out what to do. This is part of the reason I completely forgot to grab some celery when I went to Whole Foods and I thought I still had a few carrots.. obviously not, but it still turned out delicious.

I’m also getting used to a new stove that actually cooks how it should. At least I’ve gotten past the point of trying to convince my family that the meal is just blackened and not burnt, although it’s still a challenge some days to adjust the number accordingly.

I will have to admit, my brain didn’t compute the fact that I was using small amounts of ingredients, but I did remember that I always put 2 tsp of mineral salt in it. So, in went the salt. I have two teenage boys whom are 6′ and 6’4″ and they can eat. That is why my recipes are most times on the large side, except for tonight. This smaller sized recipe should have only had ONE teaspoon of salt. Oops! It was slightly on the salty side, but it was definitely still edible.

I didn’t mess up much at all through most of the video until the end. The end, where the food was basically done and I needed to say a few lines that would take less than a minute to say. That sixty seconds turn into several minutes because when I messed up, I got the giggles. That made the nerves start and I began to get tongue tied, then I started worrying about what the video was going to look and sound like. It wasn’t pretty. I even dropped a bowl into the pot when I was serving it. What a night.

Dropped Bowl Rice and Beef Stew

The saltiness of the food gave my kids and their dad a lot of ammunition for cracking jokes at the table which made me relax. With three big men plus myself eating, this meal was more like an appetizer. I will adjust the recipe whenever I type it out, but for now, I am going to munch on this food that was just delivered.

Whenever I do upload the video, please do not laugh at me. After all, I was a recipe video virgin until tonight!

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