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Written by Emm Spring

September 10, 2013

Parasite blogs. They’re everywhere and more just seem to be popping up everyday. They give out wrong information or the recipes aren’t accurate. A messed up recipe will probably just be a disappointment when the cake falls flat or that meat dish tastes more like shoe leather, but some of this information can be potentially harmful.

Take bentonite clay for example. It has wonderful healing properties but there are certain ways you have to store it and even mixing it with other ingredients to make poultices, ointments and even toothpaste requires some understanding. Bentonite clay can not touch anything metal while being mixed, or stored, it should never touch metal because bentonite clay’s job is to pull out toxins. (That’s why it is highly favored in making natural remedies; it pulls out toxins and bacteria from the body.)  Metal has toxins. So when it is mixed or stored in metal containers, it is constantly pulling out any toxins that are in that metal and then you consume those toxins when you use whatever was in the container. Toxins in metal can be a variety of things; aluminum, lead, cadmium, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), and many more. You do not want this stuff in your body.

But back to the reason for this post: PARASITE BLOGS. I call them parasite blogs because they are like leeches attaching themselves to other’s hard work and profiting from it.

Some parasite blogs grab a photo with a short description of what it is and provide a link back to the original post. Seems innocent enough but there are still links on the parasite blog’s page to their affiliate accounts. So they are making money off of someone else’s hard work.

Other parasite blogs are blatant enough to not only use the ‘borrowed’ photos, but they also list the entire recipe with complete instructions, like they were the ones who came up with it and put all the hard work into perfecting it. They think it makes it ok for them to do this as long as they add a small disclaimer stating the original idea came from so-and-so’s site and provide a link back to that site.

I’m sorry, but no, neither of those things are right. If you want to have a blog or a website with recipes, beauty tips, or whatever, do the work yourself. Spend countless hours trying a recipe and tweaking it over and over until it’s flawless. Make a delicious meal, and then instead of eating it when it’s hot, take two dozen photos of the same dish just to make sure you caught an ideal photo, edit them and the recipe and hopefully the food will still be lukewarm and not flatout cold. Trouble shoot why your soap, your sore throat remedy, your lotion, etc. didn’t turn out accurate.

When I describe a parasite blog, I’m referring to those sites that their reposts are 100% from other sites. I’m not talking about the blogs who do most of the work themselves but have an occasional post from another site. I’ve done this with a few crafts.

I have made all my recipes on my blog, I’ve even re-invented most of them so they don’t contain anything my son is allergic to. I’ve spent my time formulating the cleaning solutions, coming up with tips to make life easier, and I am the one who took the photos.

Unfortunately, there will always be parasite blogs but that doesn’t mean you have to support them. I try to avoid them like the plague and you should too.

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  1. Sofie says:

    I have noticed this with many blog. I like that you do most of your own stuff and don’t use other people things just to create a link. i will be back here often.

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