Seeding an Avocado

I love avocado with a light sprinkling of mineral salt for breakfast, but I’ve always hated fighting with it and making a mess just to get the skin off and the seed out. This was before I became a domestic goddess many years ago. Now I can have it ready to eat in less than a minute. It’s difficult to describe but easy to do.

Seeding An Avocado

Cut avocado in half.

Gently twist apart.

To get the seed out, hit the blade of a knife into the middle of the seed, then twist. It should come right out.

Spoon out avocado.

You can even make cubes that are perfect bite sized pieces for a salad by running the knife through it making little ‘squares’, then turn the skin inside out to make cubes. I’ll take a photo next time I do this..


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