Trip To Taco Bell

I know what you’re thinking before you even start reading this post.. Going to Taco Bell and you have a blog about healthy living? Nobody is perfect, we all have our little guilty pleasures we indulge in and you know when you’re hungry for some cheese nachos and some beans but it’s almost midnight and you just don’t feel like cooking a meal? Yeah, that’s how it was tonight.

That was the beginning of the post that was originally here. That trip was anything but good. I went into a little rant and even though the shift manager was totally in the wrong; whether it was from a power trip or maybe she misunderstood the new rules or maybe she was just having a bad day, I decided there is already enough negativity in this world. I don’t need to add to it. 

So I deleted the post and the photos. I will just let this post serve as a lesson to myself and everyone else: Forgive easily. Don’t hold grudges. Don’t judge others. Be happy. Stay positive!

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  1. Carter says:

    It’s always good to find the best in everything and not harbor hard feelings

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